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Two Days Free Workshop

The African Academy

11th-12th of March at Blå Huset in Tensta at 12-16pm. 
  • Bring your children 
  • Bring your own drum
  • Free entrance

The Performing artists on the workshop

Here you can se some of the artists that will be part of the workshop on the 11-12th March.

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Schedule for the workshop

Here is the schedule for the workshop at Blå Huset in Tensta 11-12 March 2017.

The schedule is preliminary and might Change



Many people from different African countries posses a talent of sports and athletics.

Our Syllabus covers:


 Create new jobs, providing employment, & transforming ideas, talents, dreams into business infra-structure...

The history of Africa & colonialism

Find out history about Africa that we do not learn in our schools, & using historical information to overcome the risk zones of repeating the mistakes from the past....

Fashion & Artcraft

Producing, designing, fashioning, marketing of art crafts & fashions, and also teaching and passing down of the inherited knowledge in art crafts designing...


Educating, empowering, teaching, administering, marketing, managing and supporting positive role models in the industry of entertainment...


 Promoting Media that teaches the value of Africa, & we also provide courses for those that wants to learn the skills of making media...

Music & Dance

 Be part of the dance & music courses & also learn the hidden stories, meanings, & expressions of the different arts of music and dance...


Learn more about our traditional/organic ways of farming & making natural medicine, & the teaching, sustaining or passing on of such skills....


 Educating and teaching the art of knowledge transfer, and passing down of inheritance...

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