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The art of business is the attribute that sustains and empowers our inner ability of exchange, trading and complimenting each other's effort of producing services and raw materials.

We here at The African Academy, we believe that it's better to teach someone how to do his own fishing (business), instead of feeding him with your own fish which you took from your own plate.

What we do?

Creating new jobs, helping small business to succeed, helping and supporting new businesses to start off, networking those who needs to be employed to their employers, helping businesses with marketing and management is part of what we do! 

We have teachers that are specializing in the art of:

* Giving business courses that elevates one's understanding beyond the limitation of interest rate

* Providing business mentorship which helps one's business to overcome the spiritual snares of poverty and bad luck in business 

* Teaching the seasonal business time frames that can multiply one's investments, which takes place during the cycle or orbit that occurs in with the 12 segments in year.







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The schedule is preliminary and might Change



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