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The history of Africa & colonialism

Find out history about Africa that we do not learn in our schools.

Explore the history of Africa, and also find out the reason why certain information has been hidden from us for such a long time.

Who was Cush (black), and what is the purpose of the African culture or people?

Has Africa always been a third world continent?

How come that we are ruled by presidents, and who came up with the idea of setting up presidents as leaders in Africa?

How has colonialism affected Africa, and how has it contributed to the poverty in Africa?

What is a colonial master?

Is it still affecting us today?

Why do we only see the white people that discovered things in the world?

How come that most of all the toys, clothes, the fashion industry, and leaders in authority white?

How come that Africa is the richest continent in the whole world, but yet still suffering from the negative side effects of poverty?


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Schedule for the workshop

Here is the schedule for the workshop at Blå Huset in Tensta 11-12 March 2017.

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