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Creating of beautiful artcrafts, teaching the art of artcraft, designing, fashion and making a business out of it.

We here at The African Academy, we believe that the art of teaching, combined with the attribute of designing artcrafts, fashion designing is the very fuel which gives energy to the environmental presence of creativity.

We have teachers that are specializing in the art of:

* Giving courses on how to design different types of artcrafts

* Sharing of information of what the different artcrafts, fashion and designs represents etc

* Working with and learning the art of production, and producing artcrafts

In the later stages of the courses, will also include;

learning how to team work with those that specialize in marketing, distribution, import and exporting of produced artcrafts.



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Schedule for the workshop

Here is the schedule for the workshop at Blå Huset in Tensta 11-12 March 2017.

The schedule is preliminary and might Change



Many people from different African countries posses a talent of sports and athletics.

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