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"My People perish because of lack of knowledge", 

Education is the key to success and a prosperous future.

The Visionary School in collaboration with The African Academy: We are working with the art of knowledge transfer.

Through the art of knowledge transfer, we teach and educate our members on how to sustainable use, preserve and pass down knowledge.

Some of the areas we deal with through the syllabus of knowledge transfer:

* Inheritance (receiving and transmitting inherited knowledge)

* passing down of ideas from one generation into another

* Sharing of knowledge and the mutual exchange of it

* Positioning and possessing the right attitude which is able to receive (download) and give knowledge etc.

* Transforming knowledge into documented information (books, written constituitions, blogs, articles, a plan that describs one's vision etc).


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Here is the schedule for the workshop at Blå Huset in Tensta 11-12 March 2017.

The schedule is preliminary and might Change



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