Tuesday, February 7, 2017, 14:14

Using entertainment as a tool to motivate a positive thinking and a positive way of living in our community.

We need to go back to our roots, finding out the real meaning of what entertainment is all about.

We all know that the celebrities who entertain us, also become the role models that structure the values, desires, and motives of our cultural traits.

Celebrities who are immoral in behaviors leads to a negative influence in the community,

Whereas positive celebrities, leads to a positive influence in our community.

Teaching, educating, motivating, innovating, and managing, musicians, artistes, etc,

so that they may carry themselves in the best way when it comes to character, fashion, attitude, father/mother figures etc.

The African Academy is here to eliminate the negative stereotype which has hijacked the African entertainment, so that we may replace it with positive entertainment.

What we do?

Educating, teaching, managing, promoting and networking artistes in the entertainment system, so that they may maximize and wisely utilize their success in entertainment in the right way.

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