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"My People perish because of lack of knowledge", 

Education is the key to success and a prosperous future.

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Media that promotes, teaches and also fulfills the role of lifting up things and issues that concern the African culture, tradition and more...

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Creating of beautiful artcrafts, teaching the art of artcraft, designing, fashion and making a business out of it.

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The history of Africa & colonialism

Find out history about Africa that we do not learn in our schools.

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The art of business is the attribute that sustains and empowers our inner ability of exchange, trading and complimenting each other's effort of producing services and raw materials.



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Schedule for the workshop

Here is the schedule for the workshop at Blå Huset in Tensta 11-12 March 2017.

The schedule is preliminary and might Change



Many people from different African countries posses a talent of sports and athletics.

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